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Are you ready to transform your voice?

Singing and speaking courses for the passionate beginner to the seasoned pro. Learn to access your voice’s untapped potential for a truly authentic presence.


Whether you’re singing or speaking, great vocal skills aren’t just for the naturally gifted or the lucky ones. They’re for anyone ready to put in the right kind of effort. At Kate Hogan Vocal Studio, we help you turn dedication into amazing results. If you’re after real, noticeable progress, you’re in the perfect place to take your voice to the next level.

A.C.T. On Your Voice Goals

What you’ll learn:


Together we’ll discover your unique voice, develop the areas you feel weaker in, and make its strengths sparkle!


 Faking it ’til you make it is out. We’ll work on your confidence and mindset from day one. Say goodbye to self-limiting beliefs.


From practice to performance, you’ll learn techniques that will unlock a level of vocal mastery you never knew was possible!

Maybe you belt out shower tunes that would make angels cry, but hitting those high notes in front of others? Yikes! Or presentations leave you feeling like you’ve forgotten how to string a sentence together. Hey, we’ve all been there!

Level Up Your Voice Game at Kate Hogan Vocal Studio

Whether you’re a singer who wants to nail those high notes or a speaker who wants to project like a boss, Kate Hogan can help you sing with confidence and speak with clarity.

  • Singers: Say goodbye to vocal strain and hit those notes like a pro. Master that mixed voice everyone’s talking about!
  • Speakers: Ditch the mumbles and project your voice with confidence. Make sure everyone hears your message loud and clear!

At Kate Hogan Vocal Studio you will discover your unique voice. No matter if you’re a singer wanting to explore new genres or a speaker craving a more powerful delivery, Kate will tailor your vocal training program specifically to you and your goals.


Hi! I’m Kate Hogan, your vocal coach!

I’ve been a vocal coach for over 20 years and performed on stages around the world since I was a toddler. As a recovering selective mute, it was vocal coaching that turned me into a show stealing, confident performer. And now I share that passion and training with you.

Whether you are pop songstress, a hard rocker, or a public speaker, I use all my learning and years of experience to create custom training programs for every student so that you can use your voice in an authentic and powerful way without all the extra fluff you don’t need!

What Our Students Say


Musical Theatre Professional
“Within a few lessons, Kate really helped open up my range and helped me believe my voice is more capable than I thought. She really focuses well on the things I want to improve on, and gives me helpful advice as to what to focus on moving forward. I can’t wait to grow more as a vocalist with Kate’s guidance.”


Lead Singer
“Kate’s lessons are fantastic. I’ve noticed a huge difference in my vocal performance. Every lesson I walk away with new skills and techniques I can use and implement into my daily practice. A great investment.”


Singer and TV Actress

“I had such a wonderful time working with Kate. The knowledge she has of the voice and vocal technique is second to none. As a professional singer myself, Kate knew exactly how to fine tune my voice to really take it to the next level and make me a more confident and dynamic singer.!”

Catch our beautiful Sophie in “Bridgerton” Seasons 2&3! 😍

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